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Best Portable Vaporizer: Top 3 Handheld Vapes For 2012

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In this Codeword.org publication, I’m going to unveil what I believe to be the best portable vaporizer on the market at the time of writing. Before I run off and begin to tell you about what I believe to be the hands-down top vaporizers and potentially best vaporizer, I’m going to distinguish between the various types of vaporizers to some extent. There are two main categories that they breakdown into, in my mind, and those are plugin/desktop models and handheld/portable vaporizers. Beyond that you have many variants, such as bag/balloon and whip/wand within the desktop units. Some desktop vaporizers, such as the Extreme Q and viVape 2 are capable of both delivery methods as well as ambient release for ambient aromatherapy. Seeing as the intention is to cover portable vaporizers, I’ll return to the world of portability by saying that when it comes to portability, there are many variables to take into consideration. Disregarding price, at least for the time being, we have size, ease of use, power source, continuous vaporizing time, heat up time, durability, and vapor quality to consider. When all of these variables have been taken into consideration, there are only a few portable models worth buying.


#3 – PUFFiT: Stealth Inhaler Vape

stealth vapeThe first unit worth introducing is one of the more popular vaporizers out right now. A lot of folks had to wait quite some time for their orders of this particular unit to arrive, due to the high demand upon debut and limited supply in North America. The unit I’m referring to is the PUFFiT by Discreet Vape. While it’s not my favorite, it is one of the more interesting units. There are eight temperature settings to choose from and selecting the temperature of your choice is as simple as spinning the small dial located underneath the hygienic mouthpiece. If you decide to buy PUFFiT, there’s a good chance you’ll want to consider purchasing some NuVape vaporizer cleaner to rid the unit of the initial funky taste. There’s a PUFFiT cleaning video on YouTube worth watching if you’re interested in learning how to clean this unit, but, that’s a segment for another day. Internal stirring tool, quick heating time, gold plated heating chamber, reasonably sized loading chamber, silicone heat shield, and the simplicity of a USB charger compound to make the PUFFiT vaporizer well worth mentioning, however, you should continue reading if you’re interested in finding out what my personal favorite is.


#2 – ThermoVape T1: Tough & Reliable

portable vaporizerPerhaps quite a bit more interesting is our second choice, the latest (at the time of writing) ThermoVape vaporizer, the T1! Why? For starters, I feel as if it’s nearly indestructible. While you could potentially break it, I would be really surprised if you managed to break it unintentionally. The ridiculously solid construction makes it a tough little vape that I could imagine bringing on hikes and expeditions through the most treacherous of conditions. For the serious vaporizer, this little contraption makes for a great addition to any arsenal. It uses rechargeable batteries and comes with a battery charger with car adapter when you purchase the ThermoVape T1 vaporizer kit. Temperature control is a little more tricky than the other two portable vaporizers in our top 3 list, however, it allows for control along the lines of the Magic Flight Launch Box, only better in my opinion. Before I get stuck talking about the ThermoVape T1 for too long and lose your attention, I’m going to move onto my absolute favorite at the moment.


#1 – Ploom Pax: Pure Awesomeness

pax vaporizerPax vaporizer by a company that – unless you’re in the vaporizer industry or obsessed with vaporizing – you’ve probably never heard of and that company is Ploom. They’re a San Francisco start-up. Regardless of who the company is behind the device, the device itself is quite impressive. Size wise, it’s small; impressively small at that. As far as the vaporizing temperatures are concerned, you have a few options to choose from which is plenty if you ask me. The temperature basically include low, medium, and high. Each temperature correlates with a color on the indicator light. If you’re color blind, you might not want to buy Pax because it relies, to some extent, on colored light to convey what’s occurring within the unit. If you’re looking for a hi-tech vape, look no further than the motion activated Pax by Ploom because this is what I believe to be the best portable vaporizer of 2012. With Vaporfection’s miVape scheduled for release around the end of the year, Ploom’s Pax might have a serious rival to contend with beyond the already more than serious competitors including the Arizer Solo, AtmosRAW, Dragon Lite, and so on. If you’re not 100% sure any of the aforementioned vapes are right for you, try reading some more vaporizer reviews on a website such as Review Zebra or Penguin Reviews.




UPDATE – JUNE 18, 2013



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Pax Vaporizer Video By Ploom

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