Aug 5

Medical Bills without Insurance – Wow

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I am twenty seven years old and since I am basically self-employed, I have no health insurance.  For the longest time it was not even a concern to me; after all, I do not usually get sick and I am pretty good about avoiding any injuries that will land me in the hospital.  Because of this fact, I had not researched into insurance at all and it was not until the medical bills of the victims at Aurora, CO were revealed in the News that I realized how important having insurance really is.  Some of those people were facing bills of over one million dollars – Wow!

So it comes as no surprise how important other things like auto insurance are as well.  If you get into an accident and it ends up being your fault, you could be liable for a substantial amount of money, especially if someone gets hurt.  Luckily for me, an interesting infographic suggests that rates for people my age are lower than those younger than me.  To legally own and drive a car, you must have some kind of insurance, so everyone who drives legally is protected in some way, shape, or form.  Typically the cheapest automotive insurance plans only cover damage you have done to other people’s vehicles.


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