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April 16-26: Violent Trends & Disasters

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As my birthday (4/20) approaches, I can’t help but remember all the terrible things that have happened around it in the recent past.

April 26, 1986 – Chernobyl nuclear disaster
April 19, 1993 – Waco conflict
April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City Bombing
April 20, 1999 – Columbine High School Shootings
April 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech Shootings
April 20, 2010 – BP’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

There have been many many more incidents than just these, but these are the ones that stuck out as memorable to me.

April 20th also served as the day Hitler was born in 1889, and was one of the dates the United States tested a nuclear bomb in Nevada in 1986 (eerily 6 days prior to the Chernobyl disaster).

So my question is, wtf is wrong with April?  Maybe its nothing… I’m sure other parts of the year have their statically active disaster time periods.  Still, it’s weird to think about.  If April really is predisposed to acts of destruction, it should be incentive for everyone to try and make a positive impact on the world, especially during this month.

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  1. jennifer says:

    I started realizing that 4/19 is and has been a horrible day in history. I remember back in the early 90s Waco, Oaklahoma bombing. And of course hitler is on the 20th. Notice how I did not cap his name. Why should I? He was of course a hated man for the war crimes he was responsible for the many, many jews that were gassed and killed. I don’t like the days leading up to this date nor the days after the 19th of April. I guess we will have to sit and wait and hope no horrible happens. We can only hope and pray they won’t .

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