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Best Ergonomic Chairs

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If you’re a stereotypical nerd, much like myself, you’ve probably realized the inadequacies of your poorly designed computer chair. After years of sitting in cheap computer chairs most of my adult life, I went and purchased what I thought to be the ergonomic office chair that would resolve all of my concerns. After venturing out to OfficeMax (or was it Staples? who cares) I purchased what seemed to be a perfectly reasonable chair of ergonomic design. The chair cost me roughly $380.00 if my memory serves correct. Once I got home and assembled the chair, I quickly sat down in front of the computer and began my usual routine of sifting through the e-mail, checking instant messages, and browsing the various sites that I’ve grown fond of. It wasn’t until the following morning that I woke up and suddenly realized that my back and neck were killing me. I quickly realized that my newly acquired chair was to blame and for which I was incredibly annoyed and displeased – to say the least. At this point I decided it was time to do some research in order to find the best ergonomic chairs on the market and determine which was the ideal candidate for my next purchase.

After a little research I stumbled across a Tempurpedic office chair that seemed promising. The Tempur chair was a little more expensive, costing roughly $500.00, but, seemed to offer what my previous chair was lacking: comfort. What a terrible decision that was… another awfully uncomfortable chair to add to my arsenal of self-proclaimed ergonomic chairs. Apparently I had not conducted an adequate amount of research prior to that purchase. After wasting damn near $1,000.00 I decided that it was time to get serious about this search for a truly comfortable computer chair.

This time around, I used the search engine to my advantage and discovered a marvelous company by the name of Herman Miller that designs and manufactures office furniture and more importantly, a line of innovative ergonomic chairs. After browsing through some office chair reviews, I eventually came to the conclusion that a side by side comparison of the most promising Herman Miller chairs was the easiest way to determine which chair would be best for me, my budget, and my body type. Here’s a quick run down of the chairs that I found most interesting and adequate for my own personal requirements in a chair…

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Ergonomic Chair by Herman MillerThe Aeron chair is quite possibly the best ergonomic chair ever manufactured and for which reason holds various awards in addition to being on permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Designed by engineers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, this elegantly designed chair boasts an array of innovative technologies like PostureFit lumbar support, Kinemat tilt mechanism, and waterfalling edge of seat. This chair actually promotes healthy posture, blood and oxygen circulation, as well as natural pivoting of the shoulders, knees, neck, ankles, and hips which results in the user being comfortable, alert, and focused for hours on end. Another interesting aspect of this chair is the unique Pellicle woven suspension that essentially cradles the body, evenly distributing pressure while allowing the skin to breathe through the mesh like material. If you spend as much time on the computer as me, this is the chair to buy. It will save you years of neck, back, and shoulder pains and will even help correct poor posture over time. Also, if you tend to slouch when sitting in front of the computer like myself, you’ll notice that the PostureFit lumbar support effortlessly prevents slouching as it glides and conforms with the natural movements of your body.  If you’re interested in the Aeron, check out this Aeron chair review.

Herman Miller Celle Chair

Herman Miller Celle ChairThe Celle chair by Herman Miller is a somewhat more affordable version of the Aeron. With features quite similar to the Aeron, the Celle is comparable in many aspects. What makes it a viable choice is the fact that it simply destroys the competition. All the chairs within the same price range that I have used have been inadequate in every way when compared to the Celle chair. There’s a reason why this 99% recyclable ergonomic work chair is so popular and it’s because it actually does what most chairs do not and that’s providing you with a comfortable sitting experience. All in all, this is a good alternative for price conscious buyers concerned with improving the quality of their health through ergonomics.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Embody Chair by Herman MillerIf you’ve never experienced the unreal sensation of floating on air, the Embody is quite possibly the closest you’ll get. This particular computer chair is not only stylish and modern, it’s incredibly comfortable. This is a top quality computing chair designed for extended / heavy use environments like call centers and the like. Like most Herman Miller chairs, the Embody chair facilitates healthy posture by properly aligning the spine and additionally keeping the head aligned with the computer monitor. I’m not kidding when I say that this chair is specifically designed for computer nerds that spend way too much time on the computer. Comfortable for long hours, this is truly a great chair. Another win for Bill Stumpf!

Herman Miller Mirra Chair

Mirra Ergonomic Chair by Herman MillerAs far as recliners are concerned, the Mirra chair by Herman Miller is not the ideal choice as it fails to incorporate a much needed headrest. For which reason, I highly suggest the Humanscale Freedom as an alternative to the Mirra. If you’re not all that concerned with reclining, this is a marvelous work chair as it offers a full range of adjustments and an affordable price-tag when compared to other office chairs of similar design. All in all, the Mirra chair is not my #1 suggestion, but, it is most definitely a comfortable chair that offers the usual patented Herman Miller ergonomic technology.


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