Oct 4

We’re About to See Some Impressive Snowfall Totals in South Dakota

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An unusually powerful early season snowstorm is cranking up over the upper midwest, producing blizzard conditions over much of the Dakotas and Wyoming. The storm, referred to as “Winter Storm Atlas” by The Weather Channel (TWC), was predicted by TWC to drop between 5 and 12 inches of snow throughout the entire western half of South Dakota, as depicted in their original forecast image below:

The Weather Channel's Forecast for Blizzard "ATLAS"

Unfortunately for them, and perhaps the residents of the area, thunderstorms have been continuously been getting pulled into the cold air, creating massive snowfall amounts, especially in the higher elevations. As of the time I am writing this, Rapid City, SD, has received over 20 inches of snow. More impressively, the town of Lead in South Dakota has received 37 inches. On top of this, winds have been sustained between 40 and 50 mph, with gusts up to hurricane force at nearly 75mph! If what the radar is showing is a sign of things to come, amounts of over four feet will likely be met before the storm wraps up.

South Dakota Blizzard Radar

With the government being shut down at the moment, National Weather Service (NWS) employees are working without pay right now. Since the NWS is responsible for issuing much of the forecast guidance, this could be one of the first examples of why it’s so critical the government not remain shutdown for much longer. The following forecast was posted by the NWS in Alaska earlier today… notice the first letter of each line spells out a hidden message, “PLEASE PAY US”:

NWS please pay us

Casper, WY received much less snow than areas of South Dakota (between 8 and 13 inches), so consider the damage in the picture below. Trees still have leaves, and with the snow being heavy and wet, there is going to be a lot of tree damage, especially in the areas that end up receiving 25 to 50 inches of snow.

CASPER Wyoming Blizzard

Jun 14

Ascent Vaporizer Reviewed By VapeForest.com

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Ascent vaporizer

Ascent Vaporizer By DaVinci – Photo Credit: VapeForest.com

The vaporizer wizards over at Vape Forest got a hold of DaVinci’s new portable vaporizer [Ascent] and published a review of it on their website. They also concocted a quick video review which you can watch on YouTube or simply scroll down below because it’s embedded further down on this page. For those of you Codeword.org readers who don’t keep up with the latest news in the vape scene, this new portable is the first ever (please, correct us if we’re wrong) glass on glass portable vaporizer. Not even Arizer’s Solo can make that claim (not yet anyways). While the Solo had been holding it down at the top of the top 10 vaporizers list at VapeForest.com, it’s this new DaVinci vaporizer that’s finally dethroned the long reigning king of portables. Keep in mind while reading this, what isn’t fact is merely our opinion or likely the opinions of Vape Forest. Sorry for that rude interruption, but it’s sometimes necessary to clarify such things before moving on. Let us begin!


It’s easiest to start with the flaws in this writer’s opinion so that’s just what we’ll do. It’s hard to say that there’s really any downside, but the size isn’t quite on the Pax level in regards to how compact it is. We won’t even get into how it compares in size to the Magic-Flight Launch Box because that wouldn’t be a fair comparison. The essential oil jars (great for aromatherapy oils and eLiquids used in electronic cigarettes) make it easy to vaporize your favorite liquid blends, however, they get extremely hot to the touch according to our friends at Vape Forest and that’s a downside to some extent. Then again, you might not think any of these so called “cons” are all that bad and the truth is that they really aren’t. The cons just don’t outweigh the benefits.


You can use it for 3-4 hours and that’s more than enough time for most folks to get through the day. It recharges its lithium ion batteries easily and it doesn’t take all that long. The screen makes it easy to see what’s going on with the device while you’re using it. It vapes all the way up to 430 deg. Fahrenheit and you can do some crazy manipulating of the temperature by setting it to different temperatures and telling it to hold that temp. for a period of time before adjusting to another one. That makes it easy to program in a nice little cycle where you go from 390F to 400F and then to 420 degrees Fahrenheit and so on. It feels sturdy but probably isn’t quite as durable as the older DaVinci vaporizers. The all glass vapor pathway design makes super pure vapor from what this site tells us and it’s consistent which seems to imply that it’s doing a decent job of holding a steady vaporizing temperature where some of the others do not. The loading chamber where you place your blend, also known as the bowl, is really big compared to a lot of other portable vapes. The ceramic heating element is lined with glass so you don’t taste the ceramic and if you ask me, that’s innovation. If you use the glass mouthpiece extension, you might find that the vapor is a bit cooler than were you to use it without it (which is also possible). All in all, it vapes well and that’s what’s really the biggest benefit of them all and often the most important factor when deciding whether or not a particular vaporizer is worth purchasing.

Vaporizer Video:

So here’s that video that we were talking about. In this Ascent vaporizer review you’ll “see one in the flesh,” as on YouTube user by the name of Slam Dango commented. Not only that, you’ll get a brief overview of what it’s about and how well it works.

Ascent In The News:

Looks like this is going to be the next big portable in the vape world. Big news websites like CBS News, the Daily Herald, Boston.com, and many others. It appears as if the media is beginning to pick up on this new portable vaporizer. The news coverage indicated that the “Ascent is now at the top spot in the website’s famous Top 10 Vaporizers list.”

My Thoughts:

Looks great with the crock-skin and it looks like it comes in 2 more colors/patterns which are equally appealing. The only tough decision when it comes to this one is what color to buy it in. If you’re wondering just how much one of these babies is going to cost you, use the link below to visit the manufacturer’s website where you can see just how much they’re going for.

Buy Ascent Directly From DaVinci


Source: http://vapeforest.com/reviews/ascent-vaporizer-review/

May 19

Beautiful Spring Trees Photograph

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Spring Trees

I wanted to share this picture of some beautiful trees in spring with all of you so here it is. Like my last couple of posts on here, the picture you see was borrowed from the Living Forest blog on WordPress. I just thought these trees were lovely enough to share and so that’s the point of this post. Beyond what I’ve already said, there’s not much else to share so I’m going to cut this post shorter than expected and move onto the next.

Oh, before I leave, I just wanted to say that if you like the content you’ve found here on Codeword.org, be sure to share us with your friends because that’s how we market ourselves: grassroots style. To all of you enjoying your spring, have a wonderful onset to summer!

May 19

Ploom’s Pax Vaporizer, A Portable Vape Review By Codeword

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Pax By Ploom

This is the Pax portable vaporizer by Ploom

Last year, back in 2012, a company that I’m assuming few had heard of, decided to release a portable vaporizer into the marketplace that would shake things up. This portable was the Pax vaporizer and it was nothing short a marvelous invention when it first arrived. Since then, there have been a lot of new portables released by other companies, but yet, this Ploom innovation is still one of the most popular. Why exactly is it so popular? Before I rush into an explanation, let me say that it is my intention to share with you the pros and cons of this interesting aromatherapy gizmo and so if you take the time to carefully read what’s been lain out in front of you, you should grasp a solid understanding of what this particular unit is all about. So stay with me here while I share with you my knowledge and experience as it pertains to this handheld vape.

Design & Manufacturing

Designed in San Francisco, California, but manufactured in China (like so many things are these days), these pocket vaporizers are vaguely reminiscent of an iPod or similar Apple device. Those who think that the quality of Chinese made products is low should reassess the basis of their thoughts because it would seem to me as if a large number of hi-quality products emanate from this highly populated Asian country and Pax by Ploom is no exception.


Pax has 3 temperatures to vaporize with and they are basically low, medium, and high. Each temperature setting corresponds with a different color of light emit by the LED indicator light on the front of the device that looks like a star. They are 370, 390, and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. I like the middle and high temperatures. It seems to me as if the temperature fluctuates a lot and doesn’t hold a steady temperature as well as Arizer’s Solo vaporizer but that’s okay because it’s still a really nice portable vape.

Pax Vape Problems

Beyond the temperature fluctuations that I’ve noticed, there’s one other issue that a lot of people have noticed and that’s with the Pax mouthpiece getting stuck. Here’s the deal with this: give it a very thorough cleaning and it won’t stick or give you problems. If you can’t handle cleaning it, it’s probably not for you, however, Ploom now has a food grade lubricant that you can use to resolve these issues. When it comes to the lube, here are my thoughts: it works, it’s easy to apply, but you run out of it quickly. Personally, I would suggest buying at least a few extra packets of Pax lube because you’ll otherwise run out fairly quick (relative to usage). This way, you can simply place an order for more when you’re down to your last packet and you won’t be without the lubricant you need. Those who don’t clean it often will need this lube and seeing as I’m one of those people, I decided to cover it extensively. The vapor is a little bit warmer than I originally expected, but that’s just another one of the reasons why I usually use it on the middle temperature setting.

Reasons Why I Enjoy Pax Vaporizers

pax vaporizer

An easy to hold handheld vaporizer!

Seeing as I covered the cons in the previous paragraph, I think it’s only fair to cover the reasons why I personally like this device. For starters, it’s more compact than most of the other portables that I’ve encountered. Just about the only ones that it’s not more compact than are perhaps the pen vaporizers, MFLB, Dragon Lite, and Palm vaporizer 2.0 & possibly version 1.0 as well. Regardless of whether or not it’s the smallest, which it’s not, it’s small enough for me and I think most people would agree that it’s easily compact enough to conveniently carry around. Like a true portable should be. Another reason why I like it is because it’s really easy to use. You just click a button and it starts heating up. You want to change the temperature? Just remove the mouthpiece and click the button inside to cycle through them. Popping off the bottom lid to the heating chamber lets you load and unload your dry blends. With such a simple interface, you might be surprised at the quality of vapor it produces.

Is It Right For You?

If you’re just looking for a small vaporizer, this is definitely one to consider. It works pretty well, looks great (aesthetically), and it’s really quite compact. While I’m not going to tell you that it’s the hands-down best vaporizer for you, I am going to say that I do enjoy using it and have been using it for a while now. I do clean it and apply the lubricant regularly, which is probably the biggest nuisance associated with using it, but the fact that I still use it I think speaks for itself. It’s a nice vape.


Buy Pax Here


This entry on Codeword.org’s technology blog was constructed with the assistance of VapeForest, a website dedicated to all things vapor related. For more on vaporizers, such as reviews, visit their website at http://vapeforest.com/ or find them with your favorite search engine by querying the phrase Vape Forest.

  • More on Pax: http://vapeforest.com/reviews/pax-vaporizer-review/
  • More portable vape reviews: http://vapeforest.com/reviews/portable-vaporizers/

Pax Review Videos

Ploom Pax Video

May 19

Dinner Boats Docked On The Lake Photo

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Docked Boats On The Lake

This photograph of some docked boats was borrowed from the “real life exposure” blog known as the Living Forest. You can visit the blog at livingforest.wordpress.com if you want to see more pictures snapped by this outdoor enthusiast and blogger. The dinner boats in the picture might require an explanation and it is as so: they are a couple of boats which can be boarded by hungry passengers who wish to drift around the lake while eating gourmet food. It’s really a beautiful place to do just about anything outdoors. While the activities of the area are not limited to floating on boats, that is one of the more entertaining activities come this time of the year.

Beyond this awesome picture, I’d like to share with you Codeword readers some of what I did yesterday. After waking up, I made my way down to the convenience store and picked up a Gatorade to sip on while I went for a short morning walk. After which point, I found myself hanging out with some locals down by the water and we decided to run from one side of the lake to the other in order to drop off some boating supplies as somewhat of a favor. While down at the other end of the lake, myself and a lady friend of mine decided to snag a few drinks at a bar on the water. The atmosphere was bland at points, but we managed to have a good time. Afterwards, the two of us found an additional companion to accompany us on our way to a local Chinese diner where we snagged a bite to eat. The General Gau’s chicken was phenomenal, as was to be expected.

The last stop on our journey was a campfire on yet another side of the lake where we don’t often travel. The campfire was fun. We drank a bit of beer, some had vodka, and others decided against alcohol consumption all together. At some point, my allergies flared up and I was forced to depart. Once at home, I quickly fell asleep. Now it’s a bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon and I’m excited to go for a nice walk but I’m afraid I won’t be able to, as I injured my foot at some point during my inebriated Saturday shenanigans. Hopefully my foot starts to feel better sooner than later, but as it stands, it’s just too swollen to do much of anything and so I’ll take this time to update some websites and blogs such as this one. In between updating sites, I’ll likely take a moment to vaporize with either the Vaporfection viVape or Ploom Pax vaporizer, both of which are outstanding vaporization devices. More on vaporizers in my next post here on Codeword.org!